What jobs are we recruiting for in the future?

I've been working in recruitment for a few months now and I've been thinking of the subject in the title for a while now. What are the possibilities in the future? Tech is growing stronger and stronger day by day and this will obviously provide us with new interesting job titles in the future. I came across this news article by Bruce Anderson, which made me decide to write out a few of my thoughts as well.

From my University of Applied Sciences projects I've learned AR being a "thing", which you can convincingly surprise others with the "whoa" experience it offers. What could this tech be used for though? I feel AR is the future of advertisements. In the article, Anderson mentions an AR related job, which would be building any form of experience the customer wishes. It would be interesting to get to see an AR theme park, or travel across the world through AR instead of flying to the location.

What about currency? The money that we use seems to be moving towards digital and as we can see from the past few years, cryptocurrency is popular and for me, it feels like there's a new coin that comes out each month. As this whole digital currency situation can get very confusing, I agree with Anderson's idea of having a "Digital Currency Adviser", who could be of assistance to the people, who wish to get into this trade and digital currency in general.

A possible job opportunity Anderson mentioned, which I fell in love with, was the following: “Organ Creator”. This is the future of healthcare in my opinion, it would be beneficial if we could somehow create organs with the future's tech, instead of having to donate them as we currently do. When I was going around in Slush Helsinki earlier this week, I saw some 3D printed bone implants. We already 3D print prosthetic legs and arms or animals and humans, so why not move into creating organs, whenever we have the technology backing it up?

These were a few opinions that I have about the future’s job opportunities and where will the future take us. I would love to hear opinions from others too, what do you think would be a job of the future? I’m all out for AR and advancing 3D printing to healthcare.

Original Source, written by Bruce Anderson: https://business.linkedin.com/...

Find the blog post on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse...


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