If you’ve ever been reached out by a recruiter, read this.

In the past few years companies have started using more headhunting as a new way of looking for employees. The phenomenon can be seen especially in the IT -industry, where we, Kontraktori Group, operate. Here is why you should take the advantage of it. 

In the IT industry where are more open positions than possible employees, the competition among the hiring companies is tough. When in other industries you’ve to fight to get an interview, if you’re an experienced server user or a multi-talented coder, the companies fight to get your attention. To win you on their side the employing company has to figure out ways to stand out. Ways, such as extended holidays and flexible working hours or the possibility to work remotely. But what happens when these benefits become the new norm?

That’s exactly when the company itself becomes relevant. Since, everyone is offering more or less the same benefits, the company makes the difference. When you watch the bigger picture, you see that the company is much more than just a product or brand, it is a complex of different people working under the same roof. Complex of people sharing the same values and goals. People are the ones creating the working culture. So, basically if your skills match with the requirements of the position, the co-workers and the atmosphere at the company are the ones making the difference. The biggest question is, how to find the perfect match for you. 

And that is where we, recruiters, play a role in. Our mission is to further your career. Whether you’re a junior looking for opportunities to grow or an experienced senior with years of training, we want you to succeed in your career. By watching your profile, we get an idea of you as an employee. Sometimes, we might go wrong, as people do. But with experience, I can almost guarantee, that the change is worth taking. What there is to lose anyways? The job of your dreams might be just a phone call away, or alternatively you might make a mistake and learn. Either way, you grow as a person and an employee. Your network also expands and if I’ve learned anything during my time as a working university student, your network is at least the second-best thing right after your charisma. As they say, it is not always what you know but who you know. 

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